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Dear Editor,

One of the companies that wants to mine uranium here is already trying to duck state regulations in Colorado. Public input on its proposed project, the company says, could be "illegal."

In other words, the mining company would have its say. But local residents could end up with less water and polluted water - but couldn't have a say.

The company, Powertech, also wants to mine in Fall River and Custer Counties. It is a Canadian company that has never mined uranium. But we're supposed to trust them.

I can't see any reason to do that. The company's Vice President in charge of environmental matters used to work for Atlas, a mining company in Utah. Atlas left 16 million tons of radioactive waste on the banks of the Colorado River, and he was in charge of clean-up.

Atlas went bankrupt in 1998. That left taxpayers to pay millions to clean up the mess. This story was repeated again and again by company after company during the last uranium boom.

So trusting a uranium company is not what comes to mind. Least of all one that doesn't want me to have a say about their plan to pollute my water.

Lilias Jarding

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