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Dear Editor,

Uranium companies are active in the Black Hills area. If they are able to begin mining, our water will be contaminated. The companies want to do something called "in situ" leach mining. This mining takes place out of sight and - if we let it - out of mind. It involves purposely contaminating water so that they can get the uranium. The fact is that no in situ leach operation in the United States has ever returned the water to its original condition.

Why would we let a Canadian company do this to us? They can leave our area any time. They can leave the mess behind, as their Environmental Vice President has done before.

We have to stop this proposal and others like it before they start. If they are able to start, the equipment, processes, and transportation will be in place. We need to stop them before that happens.

Take action now. Call your state and federal officials and tell them that we don't want this to happen. Be prepared when public comment periods on permit applications are held. Tell your friends and neighbors about this proposal and our determination to stop it.

Gary Heckenliable

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