In 2011, a dangerous bill passed through the legislature and was signed by the governor. It suspended all rules made by the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources in regards to 'in situ' leach uranium mining.

Under the new law resulting from the 2011 Senate Bill, uranium mining companies could still be issued state permits to mine. However, there is not any state requirements about how these high-tech mines would be built, monitored, or reclaimed. The public would not have to be notified if there were accidents. Companies would not have to post a bond with the state to be sure clean-up was done. Without having a sizeable bond in place, the companies could just go bankrupt and leave (as has happened before in the Black Hills), without any protection for taxpayers. This is especially a concern because most companies that want to mine uranium here now are foreign corporations.

We contacted our Senators and asked them to do something about the dangerous bill and uranium mining in the Black Hills - to no avail.

The arguments we made are still valid today:

There was hope in 2012 - with House Bill 1098, but it did not pass. There are three Senate Bills in the 2013 South Dakota legislature that could help prevent and and/or control uranium mining in the Black Hills. Your support of these bills is imperitive!
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