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Informational Links

PowertechExposed: http://www.powertechexposed.com

WISE Uranium: http://www.wise-uranium.org

Clean Water Alliance: Summary of Southern Hills Geology

Bear Lodge Rare Earth Mineral Mine - Public Scoping: Underground Borehole Mining and Impact Ablation Tutorial: Click here

Uranium Watch: http://www.uraniumwatch.org

Southwest Research and Information Center: http://www.sric.org

Indigenous Environmental Network: http://www.ienearth.org

Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction: http://www.nunnglow.com

Western Mining Action Network: http://www.wman-info.org

New Mexico Environmental Law Center: http://www.nmenvirolaw.org

EarthWorks: http://www.earthworksaction.org

Colorado Citizens Against Toxic Waste: http://www.ccatoxicwaste.org

Post '71 Uranium Workers Committee: http://www.post71exposure.org

Uranium Watch: http://www.uranium-watch.org

Nuclear Information and Resource Service: http://www.nirs.org

Black Hills Alliance - Native and Non-natives allied against mining in the 1970's - and succeeded: http://academic.evergreen.edu/g/grossmaz/bha.html


Dakota Rural Action: http://www.dakotarural.org

Defenders of the Black Hills: http://www.defendblackhills.org

Owe Aku/Bring Back the Way: http://www.bringbacktheway.com

Powder River Basin Resource Council: http://www.powderriverbasin.org

A Facebook group against Uranium mining in the Black Hills: "Save the Black Hills"

Ranchers and Neighbors Protecting Our Water: http://www.powderriverbasin.org/ranchers-neighbors-protecting-our-water-r-npow


Powertech (USA), Inc. - Environmental Permits http://denr.sd.gov/powertech.aspx

Powertech's Large Scale Mine Permit Application Webpage: http://denr.sd.gov/des/mm/powertechminepermitapp.aspx

Powertech's Water Right Permit and Ground Water Discharge Permit Application Webpage: http://denr.sd.gov/powertech_wmb.aspx

U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Generic Environmental Impact Statement for In-Situ Leach Uranium Milling/Mining: http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/nuregs/staff/sr1910

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission - General Information on Federal Uranium Regulation: http://www.nrc.gov/materials/uranium-recovery.html

South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources Information on Powertech Uranium's Environmental Permit Applications: http://denr.sd.gov/Powertech.aspx

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information on Powertech Uranium's Application : http://adamswebsearch2.nrc.gov/idmws/ViewDocByAccession.asp?AccessionNumber=ML091200014

State of Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Underground Injection Control: http://deq.state.wy.us/wqd/groundwater/uicprogram/index.asp

U.S. Bureau of Land Management Memorandum of Understanding with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on In Situ Mining: http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en/info/regulations/Instruction_Memos_and_Bulletins/national_information/2010/IB_2010-051.html

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