We need to spread the facts about urnanium mining. Letters to Editors of our papers [and government] are key in accomplishing this!

Write a letter to the editor (LTE) and send it to your local newspapers expressing your concerns. On this page you will find just a few topics that will surely align with yours.

Check out Sample LTE links on this page - letters that have been sent and printed already.

Make these words your own in a letter of your own. Here are some good starters to help blend them into your effort.

If you don't know how to Copy/Paste, instructions here. General questions? Email here.

LTE Guidelines:

Uranium Mining - A Bad Idea

Sample LTE #1 Sample LTE #2 Sample LTE #3

Foreign Companies Benefit, Not Us

Uranium's Sordid Past - and Present

Sample Mining Past LTE #1 Sample Mining Past LTE #2 Sample Mining Past LTE #3 Sample Mining Past LTE #4

Save Our Water

Sample Water Impact LTE #1

It's Simply Not Worth the Risk

The Law, Our Water and Uranium Mining

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