Over 600 motorcycles and riders formed the world's largest motorcycle sculpture in Buffalo Chip, South Dakota on the 75th anniversary of the Sturgis Rally to honor veterans and call for the protection of water from uranium mining. The event was presented by the Black Hills Clean Water Alliance, and the Buffalo Chip and SpectralQ .

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Here is Peter Fonda's Public Service Announcement in support of Eagle 75:

"I'm Peter Fonda, Inviting you to Eagle 75, a unique and free event at the buffalo chip on Thursday, August 6th. "The world's largest motorcycle sculpture, the size of a football field, will be created in the image of a giant eagle flying over the Black Hills.

"This historic image will be photographed by helicopter. It honors two things of major importance to me: veterans and water.

"It takes courage to stand up for what's right. It's essential when it comes to our national security.

"Foreign corporations want to mine uranium in the Black Hills, which threatens our ground water.

"Protecting our natural resources to ensure a clean, safe, healthy and strong America is on the list of what's worth fighting for.

"Historically warriors have protected our homes, our food, and water.

"Now, we call on our nation to honor and protect two of our most important resources: our veterans and our water."