It is time to write letters to our Congressional representatives asking that they take action to make the Nuclear Regulatory Commission follow the law. We need to complain about the fact that the NRC has failed to follow the National Historic Preservation Act by failing to do the required consultation with tribal governments.

You are also welcome to raise any other issues you feel are important. This only takes a few minutes using their "Contact" forms, so please follow the links and comment now!

For South Dakotans, here are the addresses and telephone numbers of your Congressional representatives:

Senator John Thune: (202)224-2321

Senator Tim Johnson: (202)224-5842

Representative Kristi Noem: (202)225-2801

You can also contact Senator Jon Tester of Montana, who is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs and let him know what is happening here and how cultural resources could be destroyed without there having been proper consultation with tribal governments. His phone number is (202)224-2644. In his case, say you're calling about Indian Affairs. Or you can also go to his website.

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